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We are your one stop shop for all teething toys and teething needs for your infant or toddler. Keeping your little one entertained and soothing those sore gums as teeth start to erupt in their gums, can be tough. Sleepless nights, tears and lots of hand munching, you want to ensure that what you are using for relief is safe and not ridden with toxic materials.

We have taken the work out of finding the right products for you. Being parents ourselves we understand the teething phase and the need to try different things... but where to start.

We have handpicked a range of teething toys that are non toxic, BPA Free and safe for your little one to play, munch and chew.

Silicone teethers can be cooled in the fridge for extra comfort.

For medical advice we recommend speaking to your local doctor or dentist.

Brands include - Natruba, Itzy Ritzy, We Might Be Tiny, Haakaa, Nature Bubz